The Grand Canal

The Grand Canal is the main canal and the symbol of Venice. It is said to be the most beautiful avenue in the world - even though it is not really an avenue, but a canal. It crosses Venice from side to side, cutting it into halves. The Grand Canal runs 3,8 km from Saint Mark Basin to the Freedom Bridge. Venetian people call it "Canal Grande", whereas all other 177 canals in Venice are only called "Canalazzo".

The Grand Canal attracts many tourists and plays a great part in the magic of Venice.

A tour on a Vaporetto boat (typical Venetian public transport) is a good way to enjoy the Grand Canal and admire the numerous palaces on its banks such as the Ca'da Mosto, the Fondaco dei Turchi, and so on. Every important family in Venice used to have a residence on the Grand Canal: this is why there are so many palaces all along the Canal Grande.

You can also discover all 4 bridges crossing the Grand Canal, including the famous Rialto Bridge. There are also the Ponte degli Scalzi, the Ponte dell'Accademia and the more recent Ponte della Costituzione.

During most of our guided tours in Venice you have the opportunity to see the Grand Canal. You can also ask for a tourist guide to accompany you in a boat tour on the Canal Grande: he / she will tell you about the history and evolution of the Grand Canal in English. If you are interested by the services we provide, you can contact the Venezia Guides team by sending an e-mail at .

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