Saint Mark's Square

Saint Mark's Square is one of the symbols of Venice and is famous world-wide. It is the biggest place in Venice - the only one that is called piazza and not campos. Saint Mark's Square is located at one end of the Grand Canal. Its name comes from the evangelist Saint Mark, patron saint of the city.

Originaly, St Mark's Square was religious, politic and economic center to the Republic of Venice: Piazza San Marco is surrounded by the Doge's Palace where all the powers were concentrated but also by Saint Mark's Basilica which is the religious center of Venice.

"Procuraties" surround the square: they used to be the offices of Saint Mark's proguardians. Their arches now house many businesses and cafés. Saint Mark's Campanile towers above all the other monuments on St Mark's Square. On the southern side of the square are the archaeological museum of Venice and the Marciana library, where one can find all the main historical documents from the Republic of Venice.

Nowadays, St Mark's Square is above all a famous touristic location where you can admire the architecture and remember the history of the city. It is also well known for its incredibly big number of pigeons.

Do not forget that the place is subject to the "acqua alta", high tides that sometimes cause flood on the Piazza San Marco.

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